Welcome to your new source of beautiful Saa paper flowers.
(mulberry paper flowers) Hand - made paper flowers from Thailand.

  Saa paper(Mulberry) flowers ,For use in crafts projects, seasonal gift, and scrapbooking ,OEM assembly and other uses.

We are manufacturer in a small village of Lampang Thailand. We can serve a large quantity order for you. And we have made our customers the most satisfied for 20 years.

A large selection of hand-made paper flowers. All items in our products are manufactured in Thailand using saa (mulberry) paper from the Northern hills. Dwellers of small villages make this paper at home using ancient techniques handed down from generation to generation.

The basic raw material is the pulp obtained from the bark of the mulberry (saa) tree in a non-destructive operation, so the trees are harvested every season. The bark is ground and cooked in vats to release the lignin (the substance that glues the wood fibers together). The fibers are then washed and bleached to produce a white pulp. The pulp is mixed with water and uniformly distributed on a fine screen to form the sheet. If a special texture is desired, the pulp is mixed with other materials such as small flowers, etc. to incorporate them in the sheet. Dyes can be added at this stage to produce colored sheets.

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