Welcome to your new source of beautiful Saa paper flowers.
(mulberry paper flowers) Hand - made paper flowers from Thailand.

Are you considering Thailand in your next business trip to Asia?

The Lampang/Chiang Mai area has a concentration of over 200 factories producing the best in Thai ceramics and giftware. Chances are will find here what you are looking for, whether it is tableware, decorative, figurines and miniatures, in ceramics, teak wood, or saa paper. All hand-made and hand-painted, by skilled artists.
TCIE,your friendly guide to Northern Thailand and its ceramics and giftware, will help make your next trip a complete success by providing:

901bstrb.gif (875 bytes) Budgeting information
901bstrb.gif (875 bytes) Flight schedule information
901bstrb.gif (875 bytes) Reservations at select local hotels
901bstrb.gif (875 bytes) Scheduling of visits to factories matching your commercial interests
901bstrb.gif (875 bytes) Local transportation to/from airport, hotel, factories, restaurants, and touristic sites with bilingual Thai/English guides familiar with the area and the industry.

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