Welcome to your new source of beautiful Saa paper flowers.
(mulberry paper flowers) Hand - made paper flowers from Thailand.

Providing dependable and courteous service to the overseas market since 1998

       We want to be your Buying Agent in the Chiang Mai-Lampang area. There are hundreds of factories here producing the best in:
 Lampang ceramics industry
 Mulberry (saa) paper

 Gift and decorative itmes
 Mango wood Products

            • Scented candles manufactures
            • Thai OTOP products (One Tambon One product)
            • Local handicraft villages in Chingamai & Lampang
            • The other products on requested.


Over the years, we have been providing these services to a growing number of clients abroad.
    Our services include:


    Locating suitable suppliers for your product based on your specification or sample. We are not tied to any particular factory, so we are free to select what is best for you. Most factories in our area work on a custom-made basis. We can obtain competitive quotes for all phases of your project.

Molding and Prototyping

    Lampang has many talented free-lance artists that can translate your original idea into a cast mold to be used for commercial production. They specialize in different types of artwork, so we will locate the right one for you.
Obtaining samples of the products you want and shipping them to you by your preferred carrier.
Factory Visits
Arranging your trip to the factory and meetings with suppliers. Hotel reservations, airport pickup, local transportation, interpreting. For more detail please click HERE


Making sure your order is being processed on time by regularly visiting the factories. We obtain proforma invoices and other documents that you may need for trouble-free entry in your country and ensure that the order is shipped as soon as it is ready.

Quality Control

Verifying that the final product conforms to your specifications and that quality standards are consistently met.

Shipping Inspection

Making sure the product is suitably packed for export and that the documentation is correct.


Some small factories are not equipped to adequately handle overseas shipping. Or maybe you want your product shipped in a special packaging.


Our fees are reasonable and vary with the nature of the work. Typically we charge a fixed percentage of the invoice total for ex-factory purchases. Other services are charged differently. Please tell us what services you need and we will present a firm quote.


We can supply references (e-mail addresses) of overseas clients who have used our services.

To Contact Us

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