Welcome to your new source of beautiful Saa paper flowers.
(mulberry paper flowers) Hand - made paper flowers from Thailand.

Term & Condition :

Seller :

The Seller for all products and services is: TCIE Limited Partnership. 266/641 M.15 T.Pichai Mueang Lampang 52000 Thailand Email : yayeeflower@gmail.com , Tel : +66 819 525 872

Order Acknowledgement

The minimum order is 1,000 pcs./color/item because we do a production per each customer order. Your order will be accept after we respond by email and invoice back to you.

For a small volume order, we calculate a shipping cost with the invoice. A big volume order, we calculate after packing and reminder invoice before ship to you.

Product capacity per month

- Mini roses (1-1.5 cm. diameter) capacity 200,000 pcs./month
- Small roses (1.5 – 2 cm. diameter) capacity 300,000 pcs./month
- Middle roses (2-4 cm. diameter) capacity 400,000 pcs./month
Remark : Product capacity shows only 1 flower size only. If you place order more than one flower sizes we have to calculate per each order.


We accepted a credit card payment via paypal.com and wire transfer money to my bank in Thailand. We prefer you r deposit some money (30% or 50%) and reminder balance before ship.


All orders will be dispatched within 30 – 45 days by The Thailand post or FedEx air freight door to door courier. Our products are handmade for all steps. Please consult a deliver time per each order.


We pack in a plastic bag per each color. For example , 1000 pcs./bag , 500 pcs./bag , 250 pcs./bag It is depend on a flower size and shape. For a special packing, please suggestion.
We can design your own package with a company logo. And packing with a special card, cellophane bag and label.


Cancelation and Refundable the only pay by credit card via paypal.com .

Please continue shopping and be happy.